This product is gluten-free, dairy-free, egg-free, maize-free and Cacao-free

A fruity sweet cake as a good source of vitamin C, E and A, hey why not?
Three layers of moist cake where you will taste the sweetness of Apricot stack together with smooth sugar-free thick Apricot Jam.

<strong>Size: 18 cm square, 3 layers. Price: Rp.615,000</strong>

Baked-to-order only.
Submit your order 3 working days prior to delivery date.

– Garbanzo bean flour, Sorghum flour, Tapioca
– Apricot Meal
– Organic Rice Milk
– Vegetable Shortening
– Sweetener: Agave
– Baking Powder &amp; Baking Soda
– Xanthan Gum &amp; Sea Salt
– Apricot Jam
– Dusting: fine ground Almond meal