The Bakeshop

Snacking has became a huge dilemma for many people in this modern world. Some considered it unhealthy for the high calories and/or hydrogenated fat. Others simply must avoid snacking recklessly for their own special health conditions.

Beyond Treats raised from the idea of making safe snacks for people with food allergies or intolerances and special diet such as Gluten-free, Dairy-free (lactose or casein), Sugar-free and/or Vegan. The goal is making these safe and healthy treats without compromising the taste. Crunchy when they should be crunchy, moist when they should be moist. Sweet and yummy as any traditionally made treats.

Yet, indulgence is not supposed to be dull. Our sweet treats is still sweet, with additional benefits from having low carb, low Glycemic Index and much lower saturated fat.

Picture sitting together with friends over tea, cookies and cupcakes without counting the calories in the back of your head. Parents would gladly open the cookie jar whenever the kids are asking for extra. No need to rush on shouting for them to brush their teeth or giving extra time on the trampoline. Isn’t it nice?

The Ingredients

Beyond Treats uses natural ingredients and pays a lot of attention to the cross contamination issue. Choosing the right suppliers that understand the issue and baking in a contamination-free kitchen are two other things worth mentioning.

Only gluten-free flour mix and many other core ingredients from manufacturers specializing in natural and gluten free diet are used. Some treats may come with organic Palm sugar, while others use natural sweetener like Maple syrup and Stevia as refined white sugar substitutes. Licking the icing on the top of a cupcake would be less guilty because Stevia only contains maximum 2 calories per serving.

Beyond Treats avoids using Peanuts and ingredients processed with Peanuts and/or Peanut Oil. However we do make some treats with tree nuts and fruits such as Walnut, Pistachio, Cranberries and Pineapple. People with allergies to tree nuts and fruits should consult their physicians regarding these ingredients before placing their orders.

All products listed in this website are gluten-free, dairy-free and egg-free (with the exception of White Bread). Special tags are given to each menu for any additional information on other allergens for example “soy-free” whenever the baked-good does not contain soy or soy based products, “sugar-free” when we only use a natural sweetener with less than 2 calories per serving, and so on.

Consult with us before finalizing your order to make sure the treat fits your diet requirements.

The Baker

She is the one who do all the whisking and sifting in the kitchen. Leonnie is a mother of three who became nearly obsessed with baking when she and her husband thought it was time to give their autistic son a certain diet to help improve his behavior.

The research for the best type of diet was tough for the lack of consensus on which diet is best for people in the Autism-related spectrum. Finding prepared snacks without refined sugar or gluten and casein on the supermarket’s counters was even tougher.

Heading back to the kitchen and bake her son his treats was Leonnie’s best solution after determining which diet to follow. She considers all the trials and errors in making yummy treats without the common ingredients as fun experiments. Ultimately, the efforts paid off when her son could enjoy sweets minus the excessive bouncing and sleepless nights. The other two kids who are intolerant to dairy products also enjoy the treats along with their big brother and often request to help sifting and mixing for extra pieces of cookies.